Diva Mariah Carey teases new TV Show

The chart-topping singer has unveiled her new TV show: Welcome to Mariah’s World! The TV show will show the extravagant, luxurious and extraordinary  lifestyle the singer has from fitting on glamorous and designer wedding dresses, to lounging in lingerie.


The opening trailer for E!s upcoming series follows the Diva as she heads off to jet set across Europe for her ‘Sweet Sweet Fantasy’ tour as well as planning her wedding with billionaire fiance James Packer.

In the opening of the clip the singer says: “ I’d rather make everything fun…is this a normal outfit people wear? I don’t know. But I’m at home and this is what I’m wearing.”  Ah Mariah, you’re too funny.

Unfortunately, you guys will have to wait until December 4 to see Mariah’s life unfold in an “eight-part event”.

Honestly, I cannot wait to see this. I’m dead excited to see what more she has to give. She’s such an outgoing person but when she’s in her “Diva mode”, she turns into a right drama queen, don’t you think?

Anyway, stay tuned for more Mariah news throughout the coming months. She’s bound to have more trailers promoting her new show which will give us even more hints on what the show is about.



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