Charli XCX ‘After the Afterparty’

Princess of Pop Charli XCX has come out with another hit single and is bound the take over the music charts…

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‘After the Afterparty’ features Atlanta rapper ‘Lil Yatchy’ and  is the first single from her forthcoming album. As a Charli XCX fan, this is  one of her best singles to date. The song is very much like bubblegum pop: fun, upbeat and very catchy,

The chorus is super catchy and has a typical pop type beat and could become a club banger. The song reminds me of late-night partying, youthful times and having fun, which I think is what this song is all about.

                           ‘Cause after the afterparty, we’re gonna keep it goin’

                           We’re gonna rip it up, the neighbours might complain

                          ‘Cause after the afterparty, we’re gonna stay ‘til mornin’

                          Then when the time is up, we’ll do it all again

                  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

                                                   We’re all in love

                                                   We’re all in love

Throughout the song, Charli XCX talks about chillin’ at her best friends house and drinking all night long. The beat also sounds quick halloweeny at the same time. Some are even calling this a ‘spooky banger’.

Overall, we rate this single 8/10 and we can’t wait to see the video that goes with it. Charli xcx has brought pop music back to life and is one of the most current pop musicians out there.


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