American Girl band GRL are Back

The girl band are back with a brand new member. The girls confirmed earlier in the summer that they will be reforming. However, eager fans have been wondering who would return.

Image result

Well, now we know the answer and there has been quite a change-up.

The Original members of the group Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton still remain but have welcomed a brand new member Jazzy Mejia, the one with the beautiful wavy red hair.

The rest of the members of the band Emmalyn Estrada and Paula van Oppen have officially left, after the tragic death of bandmate Simone Battle back in September 2014.

GRL performed their hit single ‘Ugly Heart’ in the US last night and gave a flawless performance.

The Band’s comeback was confirmed by their new management company Loco Talent in the summer and with a brief statement: “GRL are back. Watch this space”.

However, a low quality recording of their brand new single ‘Like I Do’ appeared on SoundCloud earlier in the summer too.

Lets hope an official version of the song will be out soon, and that it will be a banger in the charts like some of their other smash hit singles, more recently the single titled ‘Wild Wild Love featuring American rapper Pitbull.


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