The Evolution of Little Mix

The girls stormed to success in 2011 on the British version of ‘The X Factor’ where they won the show, making them the first band ever to win…

The band were formed on the show and changed their name from ‘Rythmix’ to ‘Little Mix’ due to copyright claims. The girls musical tone has changed dramatically throughout the years from fun, pop dance music, to ballads and dance anthems.

They soon smashed the US with their debut single ‘Wings’ and have become one of the most popular girl bands to do so.

Overtime their songs have become more meaningful, sentimental and personal. They have even written lyrics for their own songs together.

Most recently, they were dubbed the biggest girl band on the planet!

Congrats Little Mix, and we wish you every bit of success…

Little Mix’s new album, ‘Glory Days’ is out now, so what are you waiting for? Get your copy today


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