Anne-Marie’s ‘Ciao Adios’

British singer Anne-Marie returns with her debut single, ‘Ciao Adios and its bound to blow up in the charts….

If you don’t believe me, have a listen for yourself:


Previous songs from the pop star include ‘Alarm’ and ‘Rockabye’ which she featured in. ‘Rockabye’ stayed a #1 position in the charts for an incredible nine weeks before going on to become Christmas #1 in 2016.

‘Ciao Adios’ is super catchy and is about a couples rocky relationship, ending in heartbreak.

In the second verse, she sings of her struggle to get over their relationship, and the dishonesty within it.

(Verse 2)

‘After three, after four years

Why did I bother?

Tell me how many more times

Does it take to get smarter?

Don’t need to deny the hurt and the lies

And all the things you did to me

I swear, I know you did’


For more Anne-Marie news, keep it @thelatestcelebgoss


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