Ariana Grande ft. Future ‘Everyday’

The single ‘Everyday’ comes from the third studio album of the fabulous American singer Ariana Grande, which also features the American rapper ‘Future’…

Recently, we have seen a change from the singer, who is more notably known for her big ballads with songs like ‘Honeymoon Avenue’, ‘Right There’ and ‘Almost Is Never Enough’.


We have now seen a transition from the artist who now produces music which are more upbeat, rhythmic and pop-heavy.


The song was released in early January and performed quite well in the UK R&B charts, peaking at 36.


‘Everyday’ is mix of Electropop and trap, with a groovy base, with is rather different from Ariana. Some have even called this hit a ‘rhythmic banger’.
In an interview with KIIS FM, Ariana said “I knew I wanted to work with Future, but I didn’t know if we could find the right song to do together because we’re so different, but we found a dope vibe and it’s very unique and exciting.”


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