Celebrity Must-have Fashion Trends

Fashionista, Kylie Jenner owns this look with a stunning dress, elongating and showing off her lovely figure, The high cut to the thigh makes the dress even more interesting and unique. The style of this silver-sequined cut-out dress is very rare. Kylie finishes  off her luxurious look with a sleek to knot!

Overall, we rate this look 8/10

Ex-Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello wows in a high-neck fairy tale dress. This lilac and sequined-embellished dress shows the youthfulness of Camila, who is just 20 years of age. The high-neck, tight-fitted top of the dress makes it even more different but stylish at the same time.

Overall, we rate this look 7/10

Diva Lopez amazes in this long, slim-fitted dramatic black dress which is jaw-dropping. The sequined embellishment to the top half of the dress gives it a sophisticated and classy look. This is one of the best looks from the singer to date!

Overall, we rate this look 9/10

Lead actress of the newly-updated film, Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson never seizes to amaze on the red carpet and world premieres. This is no exception! This beautiful, elegant and sweet long-fitted white dress defines her flawless figure and femininity.

Emma Watson shows that she really is a beauty!

Overall, we rate this look 7/10


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