Princess of Pop Demi Lovato To Release New Single?

According to sources,  the 24-year-old superstar is set to release her first album of 2017 this month, on 11th July…

The star has teased an instrumental version of the song, reportedly posting it on social networking sites Twitter and Instagram.

This means that die-hard fans also known as Lovatics can listen to a sneak peak of her new song, set to be released within a few days (can’t wait!)

2017 has been a jolly year for Demi Lovato who was named one of the Time’a magazines ‘most influential people’ in the Spring and teaming up with sports brand Fabletics, for her own charitable collection, and has proven popular.

Those (like myself) who have followed Demi throughout her famous career will known that the singer rose to fame in the Disney show Barnaby’s which also starred Selena Gomez and they have been friends ever since. She also starred in her own show called Sonny With A Chance which ran for just two years, and now she is focusing on her musical career.

Most recently, in March of this year, the 24-year-old celebrated five years of her sobriety, which means shes doing well and seems to have made a full recovery.

The new track is titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ which hints at her being unapologetic. As a fan of Demi Lovato, this new single sounds like its set to be H-U-G-E!

For the latest Demi news, keep it @thelatestcelebgoss


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