Ariana Grande Honoured at Manchester

The American pop singer has officially been made an honoury  citizen of Manchester following the Manchester attacks which took place on the night of her UK tour…

The 23-year-old was congratulated to returning  to stage the One Love Manchester concert, less than two weeks after the attack.

Manchester City Council leader, Sir Richard Leece said that it would be understandable if she hadn’t returned to Manchester, but she did, and put on a concert in honour and memory of those who were affected by the tragic events.

Speaking to a source, Leece continued to praise the star: “but no – instead she, as an artist, a performer, was determined that she would not perform again until she had returned to Manchester to perform,” he said.

“In doing so, she brought comfort to thousands, she raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and became the first patron of that fund.

“And that’s why I propose that Ariana Grande is made the first honorary citizen of the city of Manchester.”



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