Mariah Carey’s Dancing Goes Viral… Again

Those of you who the the megastar, will know that she is notorious for her mind-blowing vocals, and not so mind-blowing dance moves…

The video above is a short clip of how her dancing has turned heads in the Showbiz world, and practically all over the world. It’s gone global!

The reaction from social media is not exactly on Mariah’ side, with most poking fun at the Diva.

One fan mocked the star, Tweeting “‘Me doing the absolute bare minimum at work today #monday’, one Twitter user joked, and a second shared, ‘When you have to work on payday”.  (Hilarious, right?)

While another enthused their excitement, saying ‘

This is FANTASTIC’ and a second, ‘It was just for laughs since she knows she isnt a dancer. Her SINGING was on point though.’

Poor Mariah, what a way to go viral…

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