The Evolution of Beyonce

For all those who have grown up with popular music, especially R&B/Hip-Hop, Queen B, Beyonce is no stranger to the world of music…

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The mother of three started off in the well-known and successful girl band ‘Destiny’s Child’, who formed in the early 2000’s before becoming a solo artist.

Beyonce has had an enormous amount of fame and publicity through her long career in the spotlight, with dating and then going on to marry the king and Legend of Hip-Hop, Jay-Z.

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The star has also been a major influence on branding and advertising, with the likes of ‘Pepsi’ and ‘L’oreal signing her for their global campaigns.

In terms of music, Queen B, Beyonce has transformed from a more R&B vibe, to a mixture of Rap,Hip-Hop and Pop. Her music today is more to do with what is really happening in the world, as well as what she has been through.

One of her latest albums featured her beautiful young daughter in her video, showing her family and her love for them. Her music has become more deep, heartfelt and relate-able which is why she attracts a wide global audience, and is also why she is one of the most powerful women on the planet.


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