thelatestcelebgoss.wordpress.com was set up last year in June, after the editor of the site took the initative to create her own page based on her interests, popular culture as well as aspects of what she studies, which is Mass Communication.

As you can see, the website is based on celebrity news, trends, hairstyles and popular culture which the majority of people are interested in. However, this website was set up to also bring in new and disengaged audiences who would not necessary read celebrity news or trends, which is why the articles on the page are condensed down, to give a summary of the news, whilst still being of interest to the audience at the same time.

Since the blog was created, it has well reached over 2,000 views globally, from Scandinavia to The Philippines which is a great achievement!

In her spare time, the editor and creator of the site enjoy creating personalised cards for friends and family, but would also consider creating them on a wider scale.

Please feel free to contact the editor on the ‘Contact’ page for any collaborations or queries.

Examples of the Editor’s personalised cards: